Time marches on…


Indeed it does! Time stands still for no man – allegedly, but what if it did? How would you fill those extra hours?

Let’s not get into a philosophical debate, rather let me tell you that life continues to be busy. Plenty going on in the port and at home.

With the Malaviya Seven lads safe home now with their families, we are continuing to support them as they wait for their wages to come through – expected the second week in December. 

You would think that my life would be easier now, but there has been a succession of meetings with seafarers and visits to various companies that sucks up my time each day. 

I say this, not to complain, but to indicate that there are still a lot of hurting individuals and companies around and the slight improvement has not resulted, unsurprisingly, in the sharp upward swings of past recoveries.

The Centre has been busy as well and we continue to endeavour to bless all who come through our doors. 

This activity has put quite a strain on our finances and whilst this is not an appeal for donations, there are ways to give to the Centre without it costing you a penny!

We have been members of Charitable Bookings for a while now and if you download their app, then they will give us £1 for ever App installed. This is a way of booking for your meals out and raising funds for the centre at the same time! SO with your Christmas outings or family meals just around the corner, please do book your seats through the App and you’ll still have a great meal and we will get some much needed donations! Just click this link (Charitable Bookings) for more details.

A new Ship Visitor has been added to the team. Catherine Bamlett is a nurse and a natural-born ship visitor. Give her a warm welcome when she next visits your vessel.

I will be speaking at the Safety Forum gathering tomorrow 29th November… Hope to see some of you there!

Then on Friday we have our Sea Shed between 1000 and 1300. All retired seafarers, male or female, irrespective of race or religion are most welcome to come along and join us as we enjoy some camaraderie, tab nabs and a light lunch afterwards! Please do let me know in advance if you are coming so that I can order in enough food!

On the home front, we had some fun at the weekend – Byron celebrated his 16th Birthday (his actual birthday was today!) and Byron wanted to put up the Christmas tree! This we did and he ‘helped’ to decorate it!! Then he opened his presents and the fun continued!

Best go…


Howard ><>

Below are a few pictures of Byron: enjoying his birthday – anticipation of his birthday cake, then decorating the Christmas Tree!












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