Tagalog Bibles!

Aberdeen Seafarers Centre seeks to look after the welfare of all seafarers, irrespective of their nationality, faith (or no faith) or sexual orientation!

All seafarers get a friendly welcome and access to all our free services.

Three happy visitors to the Seafarers Centre

Three happy visitors to the Seafarers Centre

Today we had a visit from 3 Filipino seafarers off the KL BRISFJORD. Amongst other items, two of them asked if we had any Tagalog Bibles Рthe shelves only had English and several other nationality Bibles.

I was happy to go into the safe to get some – the Centre is based in an old Bank – and after all, God’s Word is more valuable than gold!! ūüôā

Yes, it can be fun although I had spent the morning getting the works car serviced followed by my accountant and I going over the finances – so my Filipino lads helped remove my headache!

I also had a visit from a seafarer from New Zealand – a cook who is out of work because he doesn’t have the new MCA Cook’s Certificate. Sadly only Tyneside college runs the course in the UK and so he will be going to France to do the course – just outside Cannes! It’s a tough life for some! No, seriously, it will cost him well over ¬£1,000 to do the course, plus his travel, accommodation and living expenses and he has lost a month’s work (so far!) and¬†has lost out financially. Sadly, we are unable to make grants to seafarers in such circumstances.

I’ll update you on his progress in due course.

What else has Monday brought? A visit from British Captain, now working ashore – always good to catch up with my friends. We had 7 visitors to the Centre in the afternoon – if only we had the finance to employ someone to open up during the afternoon, midday to 1800…

I then made a visit to my printers (Eye Candy on Waterloo Quay) to pick up the new business cards for me ad my ship visitors; then to Waterloo Quay Properties Рmy old offices where I am their unofficial chaplain; and last but not least back at the Centre to write my report for the Merchant Navy Welfare Board, Port Welfare Committee Meeting later this month.

So the week has started fairly busy as ever!

I hope that your week is a good one!

Where did the week go?

This has been another great week – very busy, but also very frustrating!

I want to put on record my thanks to my ship visiting volunteers Рthey do a terrific job and when I get bogged down in administration, it is good to know that they give our visiting seafarers a warm welcome. Thanks Derek, Charlie and Chris.

I went to Farstad’s office in Portlethen this morning to pick up some items. With the impending redundancies, it was a subdued office compared to my last visit. We wish all staff a speedy return to work in whatever capacity they take up. I too know what it is like to be made redundant – it isn’t an easy process!

The Seafarers Centre is now over three years old and is in need of some “TLC” so I have been busy getting quotes to repaint and re-carpet the whole of the ground floor! It is not a cheap process!

Thankfully, I can get some help!! However, it has taken me ages to fill in application forms and get everything ready to submit!

Job done, however, the application was to the Merchant Navy Welfare Board and I hope that they will come up trumps with the funding. Deadline for submission was today and it will go before the North and East Port Welfare Committee later this month for their recommendation and then be submitted to the MNWB Funding Committee meeting in March for their approval!

A long drawn out process… hopefully it will be worth it though!

I have also had a series of meetings with seafarers – today it was an Iranian seafarer, yesterday it was a Portuguese and the day before it was a Nepalese seafarer!¬†These guys are¬†out of work and hopeful of getting a job in “the Promised Land!” Sadly, it is not that easy!

I also have had several meetings with business leaders and others including earlier today, lunch with Lewis MacDonald, MSP. He has been chasing up BT for non supply of our upgrade to the internet which we ordered in July 2014…

Lewis informed me that BT have now cancelled the order as they say that they cannot now fulfil it! However, he went on to say that BT are going to run a trial of a new technology – some sort of wi-fi broadband as wired superfast supply is so congested. We will be contacted by BT next week to discuss becoming one of the first in Aberdeen to get the new technology! Watch this space!

He also, very kindly, passed on a donation to the Seafarers Centre.

And finally, the weekend looms and I am pleased to say that I have a few days off. I hope that whether at sea or ashore, that your weekend will be uneventful, but enjoyable.